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1970: All Kinds Of Hank.

This year it's 40 years ago that Ireland clocked up their first Eurovision victory. Many followed.
18 year old Dana's sweet lullaby All Kinds Of Everything sums up a few of her favorite things and the song may be a bit too saccharine according to todays standards. Hard Rock Hallelujah it is not.

At the time, Eurovision was practically dead, or at least in need of a doctor. Only 12 countries participated in the contest in Amsterdam.
Eurovision was overhauled (pimped, the kids) with some new inventions that still last today. The infamous Postcards, an opening show and more attention to the stage, which provides artists with different 'backdrops'.

Dutch TV did their thing, but a good part of Eurovisions saviour is thanks to Dana success. Plus Mary Hopkin was there for the U.K. and the world was introduced to Julio Iglesias.

All Kinds Of Everything, written by Derry Lindsay and Jackie Smith, was an international hit and it's genuine evergreen material. It takes its rightful place in the list of Irish classics.
The song travelled well and was recorded in at least 13 languages including Mandarin, Afrikaans and Icelandic. Dana however, only recorded the song in English.
I'm not launching an All Kinds Of Everything Year here, but there will be a few Eurocovers post dedicated to this Irish Eurovision gem.

Hank Locklin
The seminal American version (if there is such a thing) was recorded by honky tonk / country singer Hank Locklin.
Hank Locklin scored over 30 hits in the U.S. country charts and crossed over to the pop charts with Please Help Me I'm Falling, a U.S. top 10 hit in 1960 which was also his biggest hit in Europe.
It was probably his popularity in Ireland that made him notice All Kinds Of Everything. Already in 1964 he recorded an album Irish Songs, Country Style with all your Irish Eyes & Danny Boys (re-issued on CD in 2006)

In 1970 he delved in the Irish songbook again for his LP Bless Her Heart...I Love Her (US RCA 4392) and came home with All Kinds Of Everything.
A later recording appeared on the U.K. (only?) LP All Kinds Of Everything from 1980 (UK Top Spin TSLP 112).

Hank Locklin recorded over 60 albums and his songs were recorded by many artists including Dolly Parton, Dean Martin and Willie Nelson. He died last year at the age of 91.

Hank Locklin U.S. LP Discography
Please Help Me I'm Falling can be heard at at Hank Locklin's MySpace

A Jamaican reggae version of All Kinds is in the Eurocovers post Jamaica, Can I Have Your Votes Please pt. 2. Two (English) versions from China are here and a video by Mia Kalember from Yugoslavia is here.

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