Sunday, February 07, 2010

Till Hamingju Hera!

I haven't done any Road To Oslo style features this year as all Eurocovering favorites who had their discographies featured at Eurocovers seemed to fail miserably (see Eurocovers, A Jinx?)

But now I'm very happy to congratulate Hera Björk with her victory in Iceland. Her song Je Ne Sais Quoi is the Icelandic entry for Oslo 2010.
Hera Björk was featured in this Eurocovers post in 2007 and a bit in this one in 2009.

Je Ne Sais Quoi is not dissimilar to the mighty Eurobandiđ's This Is My Life but it's probably because both songs share songwriter Örlygur Smári (Öggi).

Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir entered the Icelandic preselection in 2007 (with Mig Dreymdi) and in 2009 she ended 2nd (behind Believe Again) in the Danish final with Someday.
She also was a backing singer for the Icelandic entries of 2008 (Eurobandið) and 2009 (Yohanna).

Composer Öggi previously co-wrote the Icelandic entries of 2000 (Tell me - Einar & Telma) and 2008.

Hera Björk released two albums: Christmas album Ilmur Af Jólum in 2000 and Hera Björk in 2006. The 2006 album features an Icelandic coverversion of Alvedansen, the Norwegian 2006 entry.
In 2008 and 2009 Hera Björk was a part of Frostrósir.
Hera Björk MySpace
Hera Björk Website
Örlygur Smári MySpace
Hera Björk at 2010 The Oslo Collection
For all your Eurovision 2010 needs like release info, details on recorded versions and charts you can check out The Oslo Collection.

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