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Release news: Simple Little Songs by Anne Herdorf

In May Eurocovers reported about Wings Of Eurovision, the album with Eurovision tunes by the 2000 winner the Olsen Brothers. (This post). The album did fairly well in several charts so Eurocovers is happy to report about another Danish Eurocovers project that has just been released.

Anne Herdorf - Lad Det Swinge
Anne (Cathrine) Herdorf, 1987 Eurovision star, has released her collection of Eurovision favorites and a handful of National Final treasures on the album Lad Det Swinge. There's some interesting guests helping along, and for the completists, there's also a new recording of her Eurovision entry En Lille Melodi (see below).

With a few exceptions Anne Herdorf didn't go for a collection of big hits, but the album includes some lesser known songs. Unge Dag is a great choice and it's also nice to hear the Tommy Seebach tunes in a new setting.

1. En Lille Melodi (Denmark 1987)
- Anne Herdorfs own Eurovision entry in a new version
2. Sikken Dejlig Dame (Danish NF 1981)
- 3rd place in the National Final. Originally by Anniqa. The song is about Mae West.
3. Hva' Du Ude På (Danish NF 1987)
- Originally by Birthe Kjær, who would represent Denmark one year later.
4. Under Stjernerne På Himlen (Denmark 1993)
- One of Tommy Seebachs Eurovision songs, Lyrics by Keld Heick
5. Ud I Det Blå (Danish NF 1979)
- #3 in the National final, originally by Kim Larsen.
6. Det' Lige Det (Denmark 1984)
- The first of three Kirsten and Søren (Hot Eyes) Eurovision entries.
7. Kloden Drejer (Denmark 1983)
- Originally by Gry Johansen.
8. To Lys På Et Bord - with Tommy Kenter (Danish NF 1960)
- Otto Brandenburg only took it to 4th place, but the song remains one of the best known songs from the early years of Danish Melodi Grand Prix'. Tommy Kenter is a Danish actor, who's Eurovision claim to fame is a last place in the 1985 Danish Melodi Grand Prix.
9. Dansevise - with Jørgen de Mylius (Denmark 1963)
- The 1963 winner by Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann. Jørgen de Mylius is the godfather of modern Danish Eurovision, writer an TV personality.
10. Skibet Skal Sejle I Nat - with Dario Campeotto
- Skibet, the song with thát kiss (see this Eurocovers post) is performed here with Dario Campeotto, the Danish 1961 entrant (read more about his song Angelique here at Eurocovers)
11. Disco Tango - with Keld Heick (Denmark 1979)
- Another Tommy Seebach classic. Keld Heick is one of Denmarks most prolific songwriters whose credits include 9 Eurovision entries and innumerable National Final songs. With his wife Hilda and his band Donkeys he also recorded countless Eurocovers.
12. Unge Dag - with Hilda Heick (Germany 1973)
- Junger Tag, the German 1973 entry by Gitte Hænning. Danish born Gitte recorded the song in several languages including Danish, and this is a coverversion of that one.
13. Lad Det Swinge - with Birthe Kjær (Norway 1986)
- The first Norwegian winner by Bobbysocks!. Here Anne duets with Birthe Kjær, the 1988 Danish entrant, multi NF singer who also has over two dozens of Eurocovers to her name.

Lad Det Swinge is out on My Way Music (M 20206-2)

A Simple Little Song
En Lille Melodi (A little melody/song) by Anne Cathrine Herdorf and her chums Drengene (a.k.a. Bandjo) was the Danish Eurovision entry in 1987. It ended fifth in an era the Danish schlager tunes did quite well at Eurovision.
In good tradition the song was recorded in a few exotic languages like English (A Simple Little Song), German (Eine Kleine Melodie) and Dutch (Je Leven Lang Verliefd).
The song was also re-recorded by Fenders, who were more or less Bandjo, band of the composer Helge Engelbrecht. The original Danish lyrics were written by Jacob Jonia.

At the Danish Melodi Grand Prix show of 2002 Anne Herdorf performed a medley of Danish Eurovision entries with Gry Meilstrup and Anders Frandsen. This medley also ended up on the 2002 DMGP CD (Universal)

Special Thanks to Rick and Heine.

Sha La Lie - Another CD tip.
While we're in the Schlager realm, here's another release that may be interesting to the avid Eurocovers adept.
You know all about Sha La Lie, the chirpy but ill fated Father Abraham penned Dutch 2010 entry and all its incarnations. (If not check it out here).
Spoofs, Street Organs and regional versions galore, but not all have had an official release.
The Drents studio version by Janneke De Roo is out now officially.
Her new CD Onvergetelijk (unforgettable) features highlights from her five year solo* career. The album also includes some new tracks and one of them is Sha La Lie sung in the Drents regional language. (Wiki).

The CD is available through the Janneke De Roo website or digitally from Zazell and other sources.
Janneke De Roo also recorded a coverversion of the 1972 Eurovision winner Après Toi on her 2007 CD Gewoon JR (Just JR). That one's in Dutch (as Toen Kwam Jij) and does not feature on the new collection.

* Janneke de Roo was in the popular sister trio Zusjes De Roo who scored a big hit in the Dutch charts with Blauwe Korenbloemen (Blue Cornflower, Centaurea cyanus) in 1971.

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