Sunday, November 20, 2011

Off Topic: Cœur De Pirate - Blonde

Off Topic Topic alert! But here's a shopping tip for everyone who likes a bit of French Pop.
I just ordered the CD Blonde by Cœur De Pirate, because it's wonderful, lovely, gorgeous and all that.
I stumbled accross the Cœur De Pirate website landing on the Boutique page. Scroll down a bit you can listen to all tracks of the album. If you do just that I won't have to blab on about how lovely this album is.
I hadn't heard of Cœur De Pirate before (nobody told me) but it turns out it's a nom de plume for Béatrice Martin from Quebec.
She already has one hitalbum behind her with Cœur De Pirate, which spent over two years in the French charts (and still I missed it).
She had a #1 in France in 2009 too, a Duet with Julien Doré: Pour Un Infidèle, which also scored a top 10 hit in both Belgiums.

Blonde is CDP's second album and it just entered the Canadian album charts at #5.
It's poppy, romantic, sometimes emotional (Cap Diamant is goosebumps material) a bit retro and definitely sexy.
Of course there are some comparisons that pop up right away and it would be very easy to say Vanessa Paradis. Actually, if you like VP, you'll love CDP. There's also a hint of Lykke Li or Alizée or even Françoise Hardy from the olden days.

A la Boutique you can buy the digital download, CD or LP of the album. But if you buy any of the physical formats you get the digital version as well (and straight away, listening to it now). Very easy payments and worldwide distribution are available.

Now if only Switzerland would go back to scouting in Canada for their Eurovision entries....

Cœur De Pirate website
The clip below is the first hitsingle from the album titled Adieu.

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