Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sha La Lie, Sha La La 11-11-11

Sha La Lie, Sha La La, that song just keeps on giving.
11 - 11 - 11 sees another cover version of  Sieneke’s Dutch schlager entry to the Oslo Eurovision Song Contest of 2010.
The song didn't reach the final but it's probably the most covered entry of 2010. (in fierce competition with the Danish entry In A Moment Like This)

The new release is from Germany. Cölln Girls have recorded Sha-La-Lie in Kölsh (the language / dialect spoken in Cologne) in time for the launch of Karneval season 2011/2012.
After Sebastian Charelle and Jäger DJ Alex / Matti Valentino this is the third German language version of the Father Abraham (Pierre Kartner) penned song.

A cdsingle by the Cölln Girls is released by Pavement records (4012122801669) and also has two other songs.
The track is also available through various digital sources and it can be found on the various artists CD Karneval Der Stars folge 41.
Cölln Girls website has a soundclip
Read all about the ongoing avalanche of Sha La Lie's here at the Oslo collection.
Here's an amateur live recording (the tube)

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