Saturday, March 02, 2013

Hoe Lang (Kuula) - Henny Thijssen

A Dutch version of Ott Leplands Kuula is recorded by Henny Thijssen. The song is titled Hoe Lang (How long) and is out on TwentieRecords (digital)
The januari 2013 release is available from Dutch digital sources like Megamedia, legaldownload and also iTunes. In March 2013 the song enters the Dutch top 100 at 86.
Update: After some weeks the track makes an unexpected jump to #20 in the Dutch charts. Total chart run: 86, 72, 59, 50, 53, 20, 85

Henny 'de snik' Thijssen is a Dutch folk-schlager* singer-songwriter who wrote several songs for some of the Dutch greats like André Hazes, Koos Alberts and Renée De Haan.
He's been a prolific solo singer since the late 90's but Hoe Lang is his first solo song to reach the charts.

Ott Leplands Kuula reached 6th place in the Baku Eurovision Song Contest for Estonia. He performed the song in Estonian but has also recorded English, Spanish and Russian versions.
All details about that one here at the Baku Collection.

*Dutch folk-schlager: Not sure how to translate the word volksmuziek, so it's folk-schlager and I hope you get the gist.

2013: PeR from Latvia from behind.
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