Saturday, February 09, 2008

CD news: Festivalfavoriter - Internationella Hits På Svenska

It's Melodifestivalen* season and next week sees the release of a highly anticipated CD in Sweden Festivalfavoriter - Internationella hits på svenska (EMI) . It's a CD with 26 Swedish Eurocovers with songs from 1957 to 1977. Well known songs are there (Volare, Piove, Dansevise, Poupée de cire, Congratulations) but also some almost forgotten gems like L'amour s 'en va (Originally by Francoise Hardy), Finnish favorite Tipi Tii and Dutch Classic De Mallemolen. All covered in Swedish.
Artists like Gitte, Gunnar Wiklund, Alice Babs and Eurocovers favorite Marie Dieke all feature on this great collection.

Big kudo's go to Leif Thorsson, who used all his charm and pressure to make this CD release possible. Leif Thorsson is the author of the ultimate Eurovision / Melodifestivalen book Melodifestivalen Genom Tiderna**.

I'm also extra pleased with the inclusion of Doris' (Svenssons) version of Boom Bang A Bang.
Doris Svenssons' cult LP Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby (in English), is a must hear and was reissued on CD with a load of bonus tracks, but not Boom Bang A Bang.

The Favoriter CD is out 11-02 and available soon at BeaRecords and other sources. At a snip! (6,50 at BeaRecords). See the full tracklist below.
* Melodifestivalen is the mammoth Swedish preselection for Eurovision. regarded as one of the best national finals and with all shows (6) in the top 10 most viewed TV shows of the year in Sweden.
Tonight is the first round for 2008, read more at the SVT Melodifestivalen site (In Swedish & English)

**Melodifestivalen Genom Tiderna (2006 edition Premium Publishing ISBN 91-89136-29-2) has been issued in 1999 with an updated version issued in 2006. The book is in Swedish but still extremely enjoyable if you don't read the language. Many unique photo's, picture sleeves and all results tables you need about more than 50 years Eurovision ánd the Swedish preselections. All in a large glamourous hardcover volume. I'd almost say Melodifestivalen Genom Tiderna is the only book you need, but I'd be selling myself short: of course a serious collector also needs the Eurovision Collectors Guide.

Tracklist Festivalfavoriter - Internationella Hits På Svenska
01 Doris - Boom Bang-A-Bang
02 Lars Lönndahl - I Det Blå (Volare)(Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)
03 Carl-Erik Thörn - Säg Små Vackra Ord Till Mig (Say Wonderful Things To Me)
04 Marie Dieke - Om Våren ('N Beetje)
05 Alice Babs - Sov Min Älskling (Dors, Mon Amour)
06 Bertil Englund - Ring -A-Ding (Ring -A-Ding Girl)
07 Gunnar Thim - Säg Att Jag Drömt (Net Als Toen)
08 Gerd Persson & Tosse Bark - Sjung Lilla Fågel (Sing Little Birdie)
09 Carli Tornehave - Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina)
10 Lars Lönndahl - Tina Och Marina (Zwei Kleine Italiener)
11 Marie Dieke - Åh, Ifall Jag Vore Du Ändå (Uh, Jeg Ville Önske Jeg Var Dig)
12 Gerd Persson - Tom Pillibi
13 Carli Tornehave - Angelique
14 Kicki Oscarsson - Vi Möts Och Vi Skiljs (L'Amour S'en Va)
15 Bertil Englund - Tipi-Tii
16 Gitte Henning - Det Kan Väl Inte Jag Rå För (Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son)
17 Carl-Erik Thörn - Du Är Som Skapad För Mig (Uno Per Tutte)
18 Anne Lie Rydé & Sös Fenger - Drömdans/Dansevise
19 Gunnar Wiklund - Mercie Cherie
20 Gitte Henning - La La La (Lyckolåten)
21 Marianne Kocks - Simsalabim (Jack In The Box)
22 Pastallerna - Ler, Ber Och Bönar (Beg Steal Or Borrow)
23 Rasmus - En Bit Av Mig Själv (Tu Te Reconnaitras)
24 Emigranterna - Tom Tom Tom
25 Gitte Henning - Vi Gratulerar (Congratulations)
26 Small Town Singers - Äntligen Har Jag Kommit Hem (De Mallemolen)


Adrian said...

The cover of Tu te reconnatrais by Rasmus - is that the Finnish hard rocky/pop band The Rasmus or someone else?

Eurocovers said...

It's someone else, from a 7" inch single from 1973, like before The Finnish Rasmus members were born.