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E Depois Do Adeus - José Calvário (1951 - 2009)

This week Portugal and the Eurovision nation have to say a sad adeus to José Calvário.
The Portuguese composer and orchestra leader died at the age of 58.

Calvário and his Orchestra worked with many popular Portuguese artists and he produced several hitsongs and albums. He also composed and recorded scores for Portuguese cinema.
I won't be trying to present a full life story on José Calvário here, I don't know enough for that. It's just a small tribute to a milestone in Portuguese music and an opportunity to get re-acquainted with E Depois Do Adeus.

In Eurovision world he is most known as the composer of the portuguese entries of 1972, 1974 and 1988. He also conducted the orchestra for the Portuguese Eurovision entries in 1974, 1977, 1985 and 1988 and recorded and produced the entries records on several occasions.

The 1972 entry A Festa Da Vida is a well known song, the 1988 composition Voltarei came into trouble for sounding a bit too much like Save Your Kisses For Me, but the most famous of Calvário's Eurovision compositions is E Depois Do Adeus (After the goodbye).

The Revolution
E Depois Do Adeus, (lyrics José Niza) performed by Paulo De Carvalho in Eurovision gained legendary status by the role it played in the Carnation Revolution in april 1974 in Portugal.
However the role of E Depois is somewhat overplayed or at least misinterpreted at some sources. It did not start the revolution, and certainly not on Eurovision night and the song has no revolutionary lyrics, but an airing of E Depois on radio on April 24 was a starting signal for revolutionary activities.
Needless to say, E Depois Do Adeus gained immortal status in Portuguese music and has been covered by several artists, many in recent years. You'll find a few below.

José Calvário Eurocovers
As an orchestra leader Calvário recorded two albums of interest to Eurocovers fans. Especially interesting is the 1973 LP Eurovisão - 10 Canções which features 10 orchestral covers (with some chorus) of 10 songs from the 1973 contest (Orfeu STAT 015)*
Another album is recorded by Calvário with the London Philharmonic in 1993: Saudades vol. III. This includes 7 Portuguese entries from 1965 to 1982, some in medleys, others in full.
The album is currently available at CD-Go
A vocal version of E Depois Do Adeus was recorded by Calvário and his orchestra (vocals but no lyrics) but I have no release details on that.
UPDATE: The Orchestral version with chorus vocals can be found on the Mozambique EP of the original entry by Paolo. This EP (Orfeu KSAT 507, pictured left) has the Portuguese, English and said Orchestral version. (Thanks Rick!!!)
* I don´t have the LP or know the exact tracklist, but it includes the 1973 entries of entries of Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Sweden, and UK (♫ below)

The version by Sebastião Manuel (from Brasil) from the VA LP O Meu Rico Portugues, the recording is from 1975 and was used in a Brasilian TV series in the 70's. The track by Paula Oliveira & Bernardo Moreira is from 2005 album Lisboa Que Adormece and the Radio Clube Nora version is from 2006 (quite great album Ver Sons)

E Depois Do Adeus was also covered by vocal groups Divinus, Grupo Verde Vinho & Vozes Da Radio, by a trio of Eurovision collegues Carlos Mendes, Fernando Tordo with original singer Paulo De Carvalho and by David Ripado of Operacão Triunfo.
I'm still looking for the version by Ester De Abreu (1977 LP Amar Amar).
Of A Festa Da Vida (1972) I only know of an instrumental by Shegundo Galarza.
Of 1988's Voltarei I don't have any cover info.

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2009 -- Miguel Guerreiro - Festa da Vida
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