Thursday, June 04, 2009

Norway's Own Social Club - ¡Ay Caramba!

Noruega, Land Of Latin Rhythms.
Maybe this years Eurovision winner Fairytale by Alexander Rybak doesn't set your salsa* limbs in motion straight away and neither does any of the other Norwegian entries, but Hovedøen Social Club do a good job in bringing some latin flavours to the Norwegian classics.

Their latest (2nd) album ¡Ay Caramba! is a collection of songs in Norwegian in various Latin American music styles. And there's three Eurocovers, so I'm happy.

Voi Voi, Norway's first entry from 1960 (Nora Brockstedt) get a sizzling salsa makeover.
Romeo, Ketil Stokkans 1986 entry is a slice of merengue you can't sit still to and Lykken Er (1971, Hanne Krogh) is an off-beat bossa samba jazz exercise that goes a bit out of control halfway (in an artistic way of course).

You can listen to all tracks of the album (and the previous one) in the musicplayer at The album is for sale at CD-ON and other Nordic sources and also digital at (C&C records CCD039).

The Hovedøen website is in Norwegian and English

* And if not salsa, I think there's a good ole country version hidden in Fairytale somewhere too, get to work Country coverbands.

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grN said...

Hello there!

I don't know if you already know, but in 1996 an EP with eurocovers performed by The Janh Teigen Experience was released in Norway.

"Are You Teigened?" tracklist:
MELODI A: Intet nytt under solen
MELODI B: Abanibe
MELODI C: Vi gratulerer
MELODI D: Djengis Kahn

The tracks are "numbered" as the entries usual were in the early national finals. "Vi gratulerer" is a norwegian version of "Congratulations" which has been done earlier by the trio Kirsti Sparboe, Arne Bendiksen og Oddvar Sanne at least. The EP-performer's name after Jahn Teigen is probably misspelled due to copyrights.