Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's blue and it's a single!

German noisy jumpers Scooter recorded C'est Bleu for their new album The Big Mash Up. They got a little help of Eurovision Royal Vicky Leandros, the original singer of L'Amour Est Blue.

The 1967 song, a.k.a. Love Is Blue only ended 4th in the contest, but it became an evergreen. Although several other versions stole Vicky's thunder.
But she's making up for that with a vengeance:  the Scooter/Vicky track is released as a cdsingle (and download of course) and ít will be a smash hit. It's out on the Sheffield/Edel label in Germany.
And above is the official video which is from the Scooter Youtube channel.

BeaRecords sells the 2-track cdsingle which also features the Dubstyle remix of the song.

Update: O.K. it's not # 1 yet, but C'est Bleu enters the German charts at a modest #77 (week 50)

Love Love Love
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