Sunday, December 18, 2011

Smurfular Eurocovers 2011

Here's a shopping tip for the kids, just in time for the Christmasjul:
Having barely recovered from their multi million grossing movie theatre success the little blue guys (+1 girl) in the white pointy hats are at it again.
The Smurfs (or Smurfarna in Swedish) have recorded a Swedish version of Popular for their new album Smurfparty 3.
They call the song Populär. Also on the same album is a version of the Norwegian entry Haba Haba, now titled Bada Bada.
The album is out on Warner / Metronome on december 7. (WMS-5052498-980826)

The same two tracks can be found on their new Norwegian album Smurfeparty 3 (as Smurfene). Popular becomes Populær and Haba Haba is now Dans Meg Til Smurfeland. (Warner 5052498981021)

Since the little critters are cunning multilinguists they also recorded a Danish version Populær for their new Danish album Smølfeparty 3 (as the Smølferne) but that one doesn't have Haba Haba. (Warner Music Nordic)

Eric Saade's Popular and Stella Mwangi's Haba Haba were the 2011 Eurovision entries for Sweden and Norway respectively.
(links will take you to the Düsseldorf Collection pages)
Some Smurftastic Eurocovers of the 2009 and 2010 contest are documented here also featuring some smurfing oldies.

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