Wednesday, February 01, 2012

CD news: Believe by Celtic Woman: Nocturne

This is a live clip of Celtic Woman performing Nocturne, the 1995 Eurovision winner originally by Secret Garden. Celtic Women is an all female music phenomenon founded by Riverdance director David Downes.
The ensemble have been performing all over the world since 2004 and have released 11 albums give or take.

Nocturne can be found on the new by Celtic Woman CD Believe. This edition has been released this week and should not be confused with the album Believe that was a Japan only issue from May 2011. (that one does not have Nocturne).
Believe can also be found as a CD/DVD release with the DVD being a live concert from the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia (US). The live DVD also includes a performance of Nocturne.

The vocals on Nocturne are by Chloë Agnew with Máiréad Nesbitt on the violin.
As you already noticed, CW's Nocturne has a lot more lyrics than the original English* version, which only has 40 seconds of singing . I don't know if the additional were written by the original lyricist Petter Skavland or by someone else.
(see comments, Thanks Jacob)

Celtic Woman will be on tour in North America in Februari through April and in Europe in May and June with dates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands

Nocturne is not the first Eurocover recorded by Celtic Woman. The Voice, the 1996 winner for Ireland originally by Eimear Quinn can be found on their 2007 album A New Journey.
Celtic Woman albums are released by Manhattan Records / EMI and are available in most webshops and of course at your favorite digitessen...

* Secret Garden recorded the song in Norwegian (as performed at Eurovision) and in English. It is the most covered Eurovision song since the 1990 with around 50 versions listed.
The music for Nocturne is written by Rolf Løvland who also wrote 1985 winner La Det Swinge and contemporary evergreen You Raise Me Up (with lyrics by Brendan Graham).

Celtic Woman Website
Another Nocturne at Eurocovers by Døsty Cåwshit.
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Jacob Holm Laursen said...

In 2007 Secret Garden released a version "Secret Garden" with full lyrics. That version can be found here:

Lyrics by P Skavlan

Jacob Holm Laursen said...

Already in 2007 Secret Garden released a version of 'Nocturne' with full lyrics.

That version was sung by Anne Takle and can be found on the Secret Garden-album "Inside I'm singing". The version with full lyrics has written by P. Skavlan.

The song can be heard here: