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CD news: Daniel Diges - Where were you in the 70's?

Spanish Eurovision singer Daniel Diges who represented Spain with Algo Pequeñito in the 2010 Oslo Eurovision has released a coverversions album titled ¿Dónde Estabas Tú En Los 70?.
Young Daniel wasn't born then, but I guess he managed to delve into his parents record collection and come up with 13 popular hits of the golden age of disco and disposable pop gems.
Unfortunately he skipped the disco ones so we are left with mostly Spanish (holiday) classics and a handful of worldwide evergreens.

A Eurocover is present, yay!. Eres Tu originally by Mocedades ended 2nd in the 1973 contest and became a worldwide success including a US top 10 hit. Eres Tu is also in the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs.

The 70's cover album is Diges' 2nd album and it is out now in the Spanish shops. It's released by Warner music Spain and also availble through th'i-tunes and other digitessen.

Tracklist ¿Dónde Estabas Tú En Los 70?.
1. Help! (Ayudame)
- Originally by Tony 'El Hollandès Español' Ronald (1971)
2. ‘Porque Te Vas?
- Jeanette had a hit with this José Luis Perales song, including a #1 in Germany in 1977.
3. Eres Tu
- Mocedades Eurovision classic from 1973
4. Gavilan O Paloma
- Originally by Mexian singer José José (1977)
5. Algo De Mi
- Originally by Camilo Sesto
6. El Chico De La Armonica
- I know it best in the German Bernd Clüver version Der Junge mit der Mundharmonika, but the original is a Spanish hit for Eurovision singer Micky*.
7. Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti
- I didn't know this song until Azucar Moreno ** covered it some years ago. The 1975 original is by Miguel Gallardo
8. Echame A Mi La Culpa
- Written by Albert Hammond and Oscar Gomez
9. Un Rayo De Sol
- A 1970 European summer holiday hit by Los Diablos
10. Eva Maria Se Fue
- Eva Maria was a 1973 hit for Formula V
11. Ven Sin Temor
- A coverversion of Mouth and MacNeals How Do You Do.  The duo had a worldwide hit with it in 1973, including a US top 10 hit. They went on to Eurovision in 1974 and ended 3rd with I See A Star.
12. Delilah
- The Tom Jones hit from 1968
13. Mammy Blue
- A much covered song, the Los Pop Tops version was probably the biggest hit. The song is written by Hubert Giraud, composer of the 3rd Eurovision winner Dors Mon Amour***.

There are a zillion Eres Tu's at Eurocovers. You'll find most of them with this search link.
* Micky entered Eurovision in 1977 with Enseñame A Cantar, find a Tex-Mex Eurocovers tribute here.
** More about Azucar Moreno and the Bandido covers here.
*** Find some Tango Argentina Eurocovers of Dors Mon Amour here.
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Special thanks to José Antonio

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