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Finland 1966 - Lia Hokke

Here's one for the FinnFans. The b-side to the Lia Hokke single pictured here is a Dutch version of the Finnish 1966 entry originally sung by Ann Christine Nyström.

ended 10th in the Luxembourg Eurovision Song Contest. Ann Christine recorded the song in Finnish and in English.

A few coverversions are known, several in Finnish, a Danish one by Dorthe Kollo and a German Finnish one by Anita Hirvonen (as: Leg Mir Keine Edelsteinen In Den Weg).
The most recent cover is Gameboy by the Sleepy Sleepers from their CD Eurowiisut Terveisiä Perseestä (2007) where they massacre the history of Finnish Eurovision entries in their own inimitable way (=loud).

I haven't been able to find out much about about Lia Hokke except that she is from the Den Briel area and released a few singles on the CNR label, one being Kussen Onder Regenbogen (Kisses under rainbows). Another one, Hij Is Weer Terug (He is back again), is featured here.
Lia Hokke and band used to perform live a lot in the sixties and in 2002 they were part of a come back concert with bands from the area in Hellevoetsluis.
The a-side of the single, Hij Is Weer Terug is a coverversion of Er Ist Wieder Da, a German 1965 hit for Marion Maerz. An English version He Is Back Again was recorded by Peggy March.

The Dutch lyrics to both songs were written by Bert Van Rheenen, better known as Radio Veronica DJ, music TV host and allround champion of Dutch music Chiel Montagne.
The original Finnish entry was written by Eurovision conducting legend Ossi Runne (music) and Kari Tuomisaari (lyrics)

Lia Hokke's coverversion (video added in 2021)

Here's a discography of Finland 1966 Eurocovers I know of.

Virve Rosti (Vicky Rosti)
- on CD Vicky Rock vol.1 (Edel records 2007)Eija Sinikka
- on CD Ystäväksii Yä (1997)
Sleepy Sleepers - Gameboy
- on CD Eurowiisut Terveisiä Perseestä (Edel 2007)
Dorthe (Kollo) sung in Danish)
- b-side to Herlige søndag (Philips 355 310 PF)
Anita Hirvonen - Leg Mir keine Edelsteine in den Weg (German/Finnish)
- on LP 5 Jahre Internationales Schlagerfestival der Ostseeländer (DDR, 1967)
Lia Hokke (in Dutch)
- b-side to Hij Is Weer Terug (CNR UH 9851)
Aarno Raninen (Piano instrumental)
- on 7"single (Philips PF 340742)
The Spectre (Guitar instrumental)
- on CD Twangvision! (VA) (Twangsville Productions TWGS3466, 2007)

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