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Portugal No Coração: Dias Do Vinil

Portugal. the country, won Eurovision in 2017, you all know that and it goes to show that perseverance pays off. It took them over 50 years and almost as many entries to finally get the trophy.

Portugal's Eurovision history is a rich one. Some of the country's greatest singers have entered the contest, some entries are associated with political history and some have been total duds.
It didn't seem like Portugal was on a course to glory in recent years. Only four songs reached the final since 2004 and the last time they ended in the top 10 was in 1996.
And then came Salvador Sobral and the rest is history.

To celebrate the contest being held in Lisbon five classic entries are re-released on glorious vinyl on April 21. The re-issues are a part of the Dias Do Vinil (Days of vinyl), a yearly celebration of the black gold organized by FNAC.
Update: Three of the five re-issues have already been sold out in the online store, but copies are still available at the Fnac stores, so if you're heading to Lisbon....

The re-issued entries are
1974 E Depois Do Adeus - Paulo De Carvalho
1976 Uma Flor De Verde Pinho - Carlos Do Carmo
- His LP Uma Canção Para A Europa (with all preselection songs) also gets a vinyl re-issue.
1978 Dai Li Dou - Gemini
- Their 1977 LP Pensando Em Ti also gets a vinyl make-over. This includes their version of the 1977 entry Portugal No Coração
1982 Bem Bom - Doce
1985 Penso Em Ti, Eu Sei - Adelaide

All five have their original b-sides, so no other language versions on the b-sides. Bem Bom has the first version with drum intro, not the later recording that appeared on the other European releases.

Paulo's Duetos
E Depois Do Adeus was re-recorded in 2017 for Paulo De Carvalho's CD Duetos. The album features classic Paulo tracks re-recorded with a range of Portuguese singers including Eurovision singers Rita Guerra, José Cid, Carlos Do Carmo,
Paulo performs E Depois... with Marisa Liz.
The CD and 2LP were released in May 2017, a 2CD re-issue from November also includes a duet with Dulce Pontes.

Links and sources:
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Adelaide Ferreira: Facebook
Carlos Do Carmo: Facebook
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2009 -- Miguel Guerreiro - Festa da Vida
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1977 -- Super Trio - Festa Da Vida
2018 -- Namorados Da Cidade - Festa Da Vida