Monday, June 10, 2013

Sex And Drugs and Eurovision: The Olsen Brothers Trippin' Road Movie

Gourmet film have released this lovely tribute to the Olsen Brothers (Jørgen and Niels Olsen). It's a funny movie revealing the secret of how the brothers got the inspiration for their 2000 Eurovision song Fly On The Wings Of Love.
The short film, carrying the title of the Eurovision winner, is set in the early 70's. The Brødrene are hitch hiking through the U.S. on their way to San Francisco to make it in America.
The road trip stars Allan Hyde, Aske Bang, Emma Bell and Hailey Boyle. Hyde and Bang directed and Nina Helveg produced. It features several Olsen Brothers songs including their 1978 Danish Melodi Grand Prix hit San Francisco. (see below)
The full 16 minute movie is in above youtube, the bits in danish are subtitled.

The Brothers in 2010
Fly On The Wings Of Love won the Stockholm Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark in 2000. Originally the song was performed in Danish as Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud (Beautiful as a shooting star) in the Danish national final.
Sweden has become lucky ground for the Danes, as this year Denmark won the contest in Malmö with Emmelie De Forest and her Only Teardrops.

The actors:
Allan Hyde is a familiar face (although well disguised), he's known as vampire Godric on HBO's series True Blood.
Emma Bell also has a horror past, she was Amy in the first season of The Living Dead (AMC). She's also cast in the Dallas revival as Emma Brown (TNT), daughter of an ex-wife of Bobby Ewing (or something like that)
Aske Bang has been in a several Danish movies and TV series including an episode of Borgen.
Hailey Boyle is a stand up comedian.

The Brothers in 1972
Warning: Probably a bit NSFW: it has some unidentified cigarettes and hippy sex on LSD.

Gourmet Film is Allan Hyde's and Aske Bangs film project/company.
The film is co-funded by gifts from the public through and other sources.
They love Eurovision, check out their new years video Save Your Kisses For Me (upd. heavily geoblocked now) starring Aske Bang, Nina Helveg, Allan Hyde and Julie Grundtvig Wester as the Mighty Brotherhood Of Man.

Some links and sources: Updated 2021
Gourmet film website and facebook
Olsen Brothers website and  facebook (new)
Allan Hyde website
Hailey Boyle facebook
Emma Bell website
The Olsen Brothers Eurovision cover album here at Eurocovers
Shop for The Olsen Brothers CDs at BeaRecords

The Brothers in the 50's
Songs featured in the film:
San Francisco
- 2nd place in the 1978 Danish national final
Marie Marie        
- single from 1982
One Woman, Two Lovers
- from their 2000 CD Wings Of Love
I Have To Dance
- Single from 2000, follow up to the Eurovison winner
- Single from 1972, the first hit for the Bro’s
Fly On The Wings Of Love
- The performance at the Stockholm contest is featured, Terry Wogan famously commenting "I have a sneaky suspicion about that one."
Additional score by Djarn Kargin and Daniel Vognstrup

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